American Express Personal Gift Card Types

American Express offers many types of personal gift cards. You can use these gift cards to send them to your family members, friends, and colleagues. The value of these cards ranges between $25 to $3000. So you can choose the amount according to your desire and top up the prepaid gift card to send it to your preferred person. You can also send these cards via email as Amex has introduced e-Gift cards as well. These cards are virtual prepaid cards that users can use online.

However, when you buy the card, you will also need to check the balance of that gift card. So for that purpose, we have added a guide on Amexgiftcard/balance that you can also check here.

So let’s have a look at all the e-gift cards that Amex is offering.

Types of Amex Personal Gift Cards – 2024 Updated

This list does not have any specific numbering and we have added all the cards with random numbering. So that does not mean that a card listed at number 40 is low in value or does not have benefits.

Check out all these prepaid gift cards and see if there is any that you want to buy.

all amex gift cards

1) Custom Gift Card-Photo

This is the custom gift card that Amex is offering. It is for those who want to get a custom card with their photo on it. It is the best card to give someone who is really close to you.

2) Gold Sparkle

Gold Sparkle is a gift card that you can use to gift any of your friends.

3) Thank Pinstripes

Want to say thank you to someone? Why not try this card? Send it with love and wishes.

4) Congrats Stars

Show your happiness about someone’s success or achievement by sending this gift card. Let’s celebrate the moment with Amex.

5) Congrats Purple

Another congrats card but with a purple color.

6) Boxes and Stars

Boxes and Stars is a beautiful and colorful gift card to send someone.

7) Silver Metal

This is a gift card with a silver gift photo on it.

8) Light Stripes

It has light stripes on the light golden color of the card.

9) Silver Diagonal

A card with a silver diagonal-shaped gift pack knot.

10) Gold Shimmer Box

The golden color shimmer box is printed on the front side of the card.

11) Silver Shimmer Box

The printed shimmer box is silver in color.

12) Slate Shimmer Box

If you like slate color then choose this card.

13) Rose Gold Shimmer Box

This is a very unique color and style. You can choose this card for any special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries.

14) Shiny Ribbon

Show your love bond with a shiny ribbon Amex gift card.

15) Shiny Silver Ribbon

Another shiny ribbon but with silver color.

16) Ruby Red Bow

It is for loved ones.

17) Thank You Purple Sparkle

For saying thank you to someone.

18) Thank You Winter Sparkle

Best to send it in winter and during the holiday season.

19) Silver Ribbon

A nice knot on a silver background.

20) Rose Gold Ribbon

Nice silk knot on a rose gold background.

21) Gold Ribbon

Very nice gift card with a gold theme.

22) Slate Ribbon

It comes with a silver theme and a nice top knot.

23) Gold Delight

A center tie knot on a gold background.

24) Blue Ombre Bow

On a blue background, there is a golden ombre bow.

25) Purple Bow

For those who want to enjoy purple.

26) Retirement Sky Blue

Cheers to retirement with the Sky Blue gift card.

27) Thank Purple

Now you can say thank you in purple.

28) Birthday Candles

It is the time to celebrate the birthday with Amex gift cards.

29) Blue Bow

It is a blue bow card that you can top up from 25 to 3000 bucks.

30) Gold Bow

Another gold card to send to loved ones.

31) Gift Group

Send a lot of gifts with this card.

32) Congratulations Mint

Say congratulations with minty style.

33) Love Balloons

Why not enjoy and celebrate special occasions with gift cards?

34) Baby Moon

Send a warm welcome to someone who just had a baby.

35) Hello Baby Boy

If the newborn baby is a boy then send this gift card to the parents of that baby boy.

36) Retirement Navy

Celebrate your retirement day with this card.

37) Hello Baby Girl

Want to send a gift to new parents of a newborn baby girl? Send it now.

38) Celebration Cake

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with fun.

39) Wood Flowers

A nice gift card to someone you like.

40) Blue Balloons

More celebrations come with Amex.

More Gift Cards from Amex

  1. Party Favors
  2. Blue Box
  3. Elegant Stripes
  4. Thank Teal
  5. Gold Stripe
  6. Congrats Teal
  7. Crisscross
  8. Stacked Gift
  9. Congrats Yellow
  10. Congrats Green
  11. Happy Gift
  12. Slate Anniversary-5
  13. Slate Anniversary-10
  14. Slate Anniversary-20
  15. Slate Anniversary-25
  16. Slate Anniversary-50
  17. Resy Gift Card
  18. Support Small Business
  19. Shop Small Round
  20. Go Shop Small
  21. Shop Small Stickers
  22. Gold Snowflake
  23. Holiday Blue Gift Card
  24. Holiday Gold Gift Card
  25. Holiday Red Gift Card
  26. Holiday Green Gift Card
  27. Greetings Sparkle Gift Card
  28. Enchanted Greetings Gift Card
  29. Enchanted Dove Gift Card
  30. Enchanted Deer Gift Card
  31. Enchanted Christmas Gift Card
  32. Holiday Cheer
  33. Season’s Greetings
  34. Watercolor Snow Gift Card
  35. Green Holiday Box
  36. Red Holiday Box
  37. Blue Holiday Box
  38. Ruby Glitter Bow Gift Card
  39. Emerald Green Bow
  40. Hanukkah Sparkle Gift Card
  41. Snow Tree
  42. Blue Facet Snowflake
  43. Puppy Santa Hat
  44. Penguin Car
  45. Polar Bear
  46. Merry Sparkle Gift Card
  47. Mistletoe Greetings
  48. Red Deer
  49. Craft Wreath
  50. Holly Berries


Can I use an AmEx gift card online?

Yes, you are allowed to use any type of AmEx gift card online or anywhere you want. There are no restrictions for you.

How to check my AmEx gift card balance?

To check your AmEx gift card balance, you need to visit and check your transaction history.

Can I have more than one AmEx gift card?

Yes, you can have as many gift cards as you want. There is no limit to keep these cards.


Pick up any of these cards send them to your loved ones and show your love to them. These cards are designed to be sent on any type of special occasion. If you want to know about each type of card in detail then you can click on each card and check a detailed article on that. Thanks for reading.

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