How to Use American Express Gift Card Online

Are you an Amex gift cardholder? Then you must know how to use an American Express gift card online. Using any prepaid card online requires some basic information. So you should read this guide and learn about how you can use your Amex gift card online. Before you use it anywhere, even offline, you need to check your Amexgiftcard/balance so you will know about the money in your prepaid card.

How to Use American Express Gift Card Online

Amex gift cards are the best way to show your love to your friends and colleagues. When you send a gift card to any of your friends, you need to know how to use it for online transactions. Read this guide and know about it.

How To Use American Express Gift Card Online?

Paying for anything online is much easier than paying cash offline. You do not need to visit any physical place and do not need to stand in queues to check up. So here is the guide for all the card users who have an Amex gift card but do not know how to use it online.

Step 1: Visit your Desired Merchant or Any Online Shopping Store

The very first step is to visit your desired merchant where you want to use your prepaid card. Whether it is an e-commerce store or any other online store, you need to visit it first.

Step 2: Add Your Product to your Cart

If you are buying some products or even groceries, you need to add them to your cart first. Check the complete store and add all the items and products that you want to buy online. It could be garments, groceries, some electronic stuff, or any other thing.

Step 3: Go for CheckOut

Once you have added all the items to your cart, now it is time to go for a checkout. Just click on the checkout button and proceed with it.

Step 4: Add Your Amex Gift Card Details

Now it is time to add your American Express gift card details. You need to enter your 15-digit card number, 4-digit card ID, and expiration date as well. Moreover, you need to provide your first and last name along with your shipping address. Once you are done, you can click on the payment button.

The merchant will deduct the required amount from your Amex gift card and your shopping will be done online.


Why can’t I use my American Express gift card online?

There are two major reasons for this issue.

  1. Your gift card balance is low or there is no balance at all.
  2. The merchant where you are trying your gift card is not accepting Amex cards.

How do I register my American Express gift card for online purchases?

For registration, you need to visit the official website or Amex and then provide your 15-digit card number, 4-digit card ID, and the expiry date of your card. Now click on activate and that’s it.

How do I use my AMEX gift card as a credit card?

Unfortunately, you can not use any prepaid card as a credit card. A credit card is a different type of card where users will get a loan from the bank. The prepaid or gift card is a type of card where the user has to add balance first to the card.

How do I cash out my American Express gift card online?

To cash out your American Express gift card, you need to add your gift card to your PayPal account. Now withdraw the funds from your card to your bank using your PayPal.


Using any type of prepaid card or Amex gift card online is hassle-free. There are only three things that you need to use the card online. One is your card number, two is your card ID number and the last one is the expiry date of your card. SO follow this method and use your card anywhere and anytime. Thanks for reading.

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