Amex Gift Card Balance Not Working

Is your Amex gift card balance not working? You are then on the right website. Checking your American Express gift card balance is very crucial when you are facing this type of issue.

Amex Gift Card Balance Not Working

We can understand how frustrating it is when your prepaid gift card balance stops working and you have no options to use it anywhere. So that is the reason we decided to create an easy-to-follow guide for all types of users. You can read this complete guide and know the reasons why your gift card balance is not working and how to fix it as well.

What to Do if My AMEX Gift Card Doesn’t Work?

The first thing is you determine the reason behind this issue. If your Amex gift card is not working then there must be a problem with your card. And here is how to find out that problem and fix it.

Reason 1: Low Gift Card Balance

The very first reason a gift card does not work is the insufficient balance. You can not use a card that has no money in it. Unlike credit cards, gift cards are prepaid cards and they require the user to top-up the balance first before using it. So make sure that your prepaid gift card has a sufficient balance. You can check your balance at amexgiftcard/balance and view your latest balance updates.

Solution 1: 

The solution for this issue is very simple. All you need to do is visit the official website of American Express and enter your card details to check your balance. If you have insufficient balance then you need to top up first.

Reason 2: Inactive Gift Card

Another reason that people face very commonly is the inactive card. Some of the Amex cards come with an activation process. So users need to activate them before they use them for the first time.

Solution 2:

In this scenario, you need to activate your American Express card first. You can activate your card online and offline as well. Just visit the Amex card activation website and activate your card to use it.

Reason 3: The Merchant Is Not Accepting AMEX

If your card is activated and has a balance inside it then the only reason is that your merchant is not accepting the Amex cards.

Solution 3:

You need to change your merchant or store where you want to use your Amex card. And you need to find only that store that accepts American Express debit cards.

Why Does My AMEX Gift Card Keep Getting Declined on Amazon?

This is a very common issue and has a very quick fix as well. The reason that your Amex gift card is declining on Amazon is Amazon’s anti-fraud security system. Consider it as, if your Amex card’s account information like the billing address is not the same as you are provided on Amazon then you will face this issue. 

So to avoid it, just make sure you have added the same address on Amazon’s shipping address too.

How do I Activate my American Express Gift Card Balance?

To activate your American Express gift card balance, you need to visit the Amex gift card website. Just go to and enter your card details and activate your card in a few minutes.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Use My AMEX Gift Card?

If you have just bought or received an American Express gift card then you need to activate it. After the activation, you can use your card immediately. If you are not sure how to use an Amex gift card then we have a guide for this as well.

Contact Amex Gift Card Customer Service

For further information or any persistent issue, you need to contact the Amex gift card customer service. You can use the following contact information.

  • American Express Gift Card: 1-877-297-4438. 
  • American Express Business Gift Card: 1-800-297-7327.

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